A Winter Wonderland of Snow



Winter is one of the 4 seasons of the year. During this season, when the weather is cold enough, snow begins to fall and cover the ground. Afterwards, many people go out and participate in different winter activities.



Your task is to learn about winter and snow and discover what people wear and do during this season. In the end, you will be asked to answer a few questions about what you learned.

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Winter takes place in North America during the months of December, January, February and March .












During the winter, the weather is cold and sometimes snow covers the ground. People wear heavy coats, hats and gloves.next











After it snows, you have to shovel the sidewalks.

Some people use snowblowers.next











The state and towns send out snowplows to clear the roads. next











When there is lots of snow, school is cancelled. next














Some people go skiing,

or sledding.next











And some people go ice skating.













Children like to make snowmen after the snow stops. Did you ever make a snowman?











Snow is made up of many different snow crystals. This is a picture of one snow crystal. How many branches does it have?next










Snowflakes are made up of 2 to 200 separate ice crystals. Snow crystals are formed when ice attaches to tiny pieces of dirt that are scattered in the wind. These ice crystals join together to create snowflakes, and the shape of a snowflake depends upon how cold the weather is.next













A Vermont farmer, Wilson Bentley, is famous for taking pictures of snow crystals. He used a special camera with a microscope to take pictures of hundreds of snowflakes.next











Wilson Bentley became so famous for his pictures of snow crystals that people named him "Snowflake" Bentley and wrote books about him. Next week you will get to hear his story.next









Let's find out what you've learned about winter and snow. Answer the following questions to see if you are a Winter Wizard.


1. What do people wear when it's cold outside during the winter?

2. When it snows what do you use to clear your sidewalks?

3. What fun activities do kids and adults like to do in the snow?

4. Why is Wilson Bentley famous?